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Jun 20th, 2024, 1:51pm

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   6.5RC1’s GUI problems
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   Author  Topic: 6.5RC1’s GUI problems  (Read 2980 times)


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6.5RC1’s GUI problems
« on: Aug 20th, 2002, 4:01pm »
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I’m using Windows 98.
I have a persistent problem with 6.5 Release Candidate’s graphic user interface.
This is a repetitive bug in 6.5 RC and it does not exist in 6.4.9 Beta 7 (even when installed after 6.5 RC).
6.5 RC’s GUI in not displayed correctly (not drawn out completely) – several inner window borders are missing, there are thin lines of desktop (or other applications) showing through at some inner window edges and elsewhere, inner window title bars have 3D-objects’ color and have no title and the status view grid has wider vertical lines of 3D-objects’ color behind it at some places when the status window is of normal size [at this point I decided to send you a screen shot] when:
1) 6.5 RC has been closed from maximized, normal or minimized (NOT tray-minimized) state and is run again (including the first run after rebooting);
2) 6.5 RC has been minimized to the taskbar (NOT tray) and is restored again.
The GUI will be drawn out completely when:
1) The maximized window is restored;
2) The normal window is maximized;
3) Another application is maximized over the MIDI-OX window and MIDI-OX is brought to front again.
NOTE: The GUI is displayed correctly WITHOUT USER AID only when 6.5 RC is restored from the TASKBAR TRAY.
What’s annoying: 6.5 RC does not recognize existing customized toolbar settings. I uninstalled the release candidate and installed 6.4.9 Beta 7 again – I got my toolbar back. I took a snapshot of the beta’s window and then installed 6.5 RC again.
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Re: 6.5 release candidate’s GUI problems
« Reply #1 on: Aug 20th, 2002, 8:05pm »
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Yeah, thanks for reporting this.  It is the result of a stupid change I made earlier.
Regarding the toolbar: the RC (and all future versions) use a different toolbar stucture than earlier versions.  This was necessitated by changes in the command ID's. Windows manages this proprietary data structure, so it was not possible to easily migrate from the old one.  You will have to recreate your preferred layout.
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