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Aug 10th, 2020, 1:24am

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   too long program map?
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too long program map?
« on: Mar 18th, 2019, 2:09pm »
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I am slowly becoming familiar with the midi-ox mapping. My project is to control the modulations of a synthesizer (akai S2000) received in sysex, with the rotary controllers of another synthesizer (access virus A) The virus synth having a sufficiently provided console, it is possible to assign up to 46 buttons. But; the rotary controllers of this synth all have values from 0 to 127, but the functions of the akai, receiver, are most often 0-99 or -50> +50. So there is an empty range on the assigned controllers.
1st question: how to remove this empty range and use the full stroke of a 0-127 controller to control a 0-99 function using the variable FB?
The only way I found was to get all the Sysex values of a function, divided on the 127 values of the controller, 128 lines of program for 1 button! Fortunately wordpad contains the function replace ... So it works well, but; the problem that I encounter after assigning 12 rotary controllers + 8 Switch (a little less than 1500 lines of command) is that MIDI-ox refuses take one more and close with an error message, as if the number of eligible lines was reached. What is going on ? how to cure it ? I'm only halfway through my program!
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Re: too long program map?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 18th, 2019, 10:57pm »
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If you have an incoming CC 07 range of  0 to 127 but you need only 0 to 99 there are two ways of doing it.
First you could add an new line to dump the extra values  CC  07 07  100  127   ->  Discard
Place  it before your CC to Sysex line.
This would mean you reach the maximum values for the Akai before the end of the travel of your Virus  control.
There is a more complicated way to scale the range from 0-127 to 0-99.  
CC  07 07  -1 -1   -> CC  07 07  0  99
This will scale the values, but these changed CC messages are not passed on to the next line in the filter to convert them to sysex.
So you need to use MidiYoke
Create 2 maps and save them  CC_99_Scale.oxm and CC_Sysex.oxm
Go to the Midi Port Routings window and connect the Virus to MidiYoke1(Right) and the MidiYoke1(Left) to the Akai
In the center of the joining lines there is a box that will open a dialog that has a drop down box to select the filters.
Virus-> CC_99_Scale -> MidiYoke1 -> CC_Sysex -> Akai
Make sure you have the overall filter de-selected (next to the OK button on the Data Filter dialog)  
There are no negative values in Midi, but on the synth they could display  0 when a Midi value = 64 (0x40).
Any less than 64 would be a negative numbers.
-50 to +50 is 101 values (don't forget 0) so to set a range filter you need to know what Midi value produces 0  
If display value 0 = x then display value -50 = x-50 and display value 50 = x+51
eg if 0 = 64  then range is 14 to 115
So you should be able to create a CC_101_Scale.oxm  to do what you need.
All the best
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