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(Message started by: GungHo on May 10th, 2022, 3:17pm)

Title: New guy with questions RE: Rockband on XBOX
Post by GungHo on May 10th, 2022, 3:17pm
New verse, same as the first here but I know nothing about MIDI, or music, but I do like to play Rock Band on my Xbox One.
I was previously using MIDI-OX in combination with a program called ePro Drums, as well as a bunch of cables, adapters, and an Alesis Drum kit to play.  I have since reinstalled Windows on this computer and I've lost my setup.  Yes, I know... ::)
Here is where I need the help from the MIDI-OX community, and I'll detail my setup and my problem spot:
1) Alesis drums to computer via USB B to A cable
2) MIDI USB cable to XBOX MIDI PRO Adapter
3) XBOX MIDI PRO Adapter to Legacy Wired Adapter
4) Legacy Wired Adapter to XBOX One

In MIDI-OX I go to 'Options, 'MIDI Devices', then select 'Drums' as MIDI Input, and select 'MIDI Cable' as MIDI Output.
MIDI-OX sees all this no problem, and when I strike the pads, MIDI-OX registers them correctly.  My issue is that when I open ePro Drums it says 'Cannot open MIDI IN' and it is not registering any strikes.  I need the ePro Drums software to do all of the fancy stuff on the Pro Drums setting in Rock Band which is why I'm using it.

I havent touched any other settings in MIDI-OX except what I described, but is there anything else I should be altering to get MIDI-OX and ePro Drums to talk to one another?

I *think* I remember having to have altered something else in MIDI-OX when I had this setup working previously, but since I dont know what Im doing RE: any of this, I could be wrong.

Thanks so much

Title: Re: New guy with questions Rockband on XBOX
Post by Breath on May 14th, 2022, 12:49am
it is likely that the Alesis is a 'single client'  device especially if you are using an older version of Windows.
That is, the Alesis driver can only connect to one program (MidiOx currently) at a time and is denying connection to ePro Drums.

It is an easy fix.
1) Get MidiYoke or loopMidi and install it.
2) Start MidiOx and select ins and out of this new driver in Options / Midi Devices
3) Connect the Alesis input on the left in he Midi Routing window of MidiOx to ,say, MidiYoke 1 (or loopMidi etc) or the right.
Now MidiYoke 1 becomes a 'Multiclient' version of the Alesis and you can connect this as your Midi In in ePro Drums instead of the Alesis driver.

Alesis -> MidiOx -> Midi Yoke 1 -> ePro Drums Midi In

Hope this helps

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