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Jul 15th, 2020, 1:03am

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   Simplest way to route channels?
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Simplest way to route channels?
« on: Aug 25th, 2019, 6:32am »
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This is my first posting here. I've recently decided to use MIDI-OX seriously.
First thing I want to do with MIDI-OX is channel routing.
Suppose I want to map a midi keyboard's output in channel #1 to a synth's input channel #5.
I connected from the keyboard to the synth through MIDI Port Routing window in MIDI-OX. Now I want to map the channel #1 to channel #5.
The way I achieved this was go to Option>Data Mapping and insert a new line for Chan 1 to Chan 5 mapping and save it as a new file. Now I click on the square box in the connected line between two ports in the Port Routing window and choose that map file in the Map File drop down menu.
It works. However, I believe there should be a much simpler version.
How would you do this?
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Re: Simplest way to route channels?
« Reply #1 on: Sep 1st, 2019, 10:04pm »
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Once you have completed your mapping save the file (Chan1to5.oxm perhaps).
Now you remove the "Turn on mapping" check .
On your dragged line that connects the MidiIn to to Midi out there is a box. Click it and a new dialog opens.
On the right, in the middle you can select your saved DataMap from the drop down list.
Now the channel 1 to channel 5 conversion will only occur on that link.
You can have multiple datamap lines so you can do something else to different Midi messages.
Any message you change can be sent back to the map to be processed again by using MidiYoke "patch cables".
This means you could change all channel 1 messages to channel 5 then get the CC1 messages (now on channel 5) changed to CC2.
You can re-scale Midi messages eg the DX7 only has velocity from 1 to 90 (it uses 0 for note off).
You can create a line that takes any note with the value between 1 and 90 and make the output to be between 1 and 127.
You could use another range between 1 and 127 and convert it to be between 25 an 75.  
Sort of a "momma bear" velocity, not too soft or too loud instead of being a single velocity.
There are many simple and complex changes that you can do with the datamaps.  
Not only that you can use patch change message (using the Patch map) to swap in different datamaps in real time.
Sadly, there is always a trade off between "simple" and "flexible / powerful".
Jamie chose the later, but feel free to make suggestions.
All the best
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