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(Message started by: sumerzy on Sep 18th, 2023, 5:09am)

Title: cant dump presets off therapsid synth into midiox
Post by sumerzy on Sep 18th, 2023, 5:09am
I have been trying for 2 days now to try and extract my presets off the twisted electrons therapsid synth. I feel like ive followed all the correct steps after trawling through the internet and the synth manual. I have the midi input port selected and have toggled the sysex receive option, i have the receive manual dump window open and i turn on my synth while holding down preset down as it says in the manual. the synth screen says SE which must mean send.

And nothing happens, until the synth fully turns on and i get loads of midi messages in the input port window. which i think is due to the lights on the synth pulsing across it as it turns on. I presume its supposed to transmit the data during the SE period but my pc never receives any bytes.

If anyone could help that would be great because its driving me insane tbh. I remember it being difficult when i used it to update the firmware a couple of years ago.

Title: Re: cant dump presets off therapsid synth into mid
Post by Breath on Sep 19th, 2023, 8:51pm
I'll assume that ...
you have connected a Midi interface,
you have set it up in MidiOx Options / Midi Device... with Input and Output selected.
you have View / Port Routings selected and can see the Midi interface connections in this window.
you have the Synth Midi Out  connected to the Midi In of the interface
the synth is currently powered OFF
Make sure that MidiOx is not filtering out Sysex by opening Options/Midi Filter...
    and having a look to see what is filtered and that the bottom option 'Display Sysex...' is checked.

To set up MidiOx to receive sysex...
1. select menu View/Sysex... to open a new dialog
2. select the menu on the new dialog Sysex /Manual Dump...
A 'Save As' window will pop up.
Move to the directory you want  to save to .
Name  the file (".syx" will be added to the end )
Press 'Save' the save dialog will close and a new small ''waiting" dialog will open .

3. Power up the synth with the 'Preset Down' pressed.
If the synth outputs Midi you will see the Number in the Waiting window going up.

When the number stops going up (the synth has finished dumping the sysex) press OK.
Now you have saved the sysex.

When loading sysex into the synth, the file data is sent from the MIDI-OX Event Port on the bottom left of the Midi Port Routing window.

Hope that helps

All the best

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