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(Message started by: GeneralMidi on Nov 20th, 2023, 1:35pm)

Title: Reaper 7 and Vepro midi bus issue
Post by GeneralMidi on Nov 20th, 2023, 1:35pm

Reaper 7 recently increased its midi bus/port size to 128 busses/ports. Users are having issues communicating to VEPRO on the same machine on busses/ports higher than 16. Cubase has no issues, so it's something for the developers of Reaper to look at. As their time is limited, I'd like to try and diagnose the issue. I wondered if midi ox could help. If I send out midi say on bus/port 17 channel 1 from cubase, can midi ox see what midi information this is? Then I could tell the Reaper devs that cubase is sending this out, but reaper is not. And that might help them.

If this is something midi ox can do, please help me. I'm new to all the technical side of midi.

Thank you

Title: Re: Reaper 7 and Vepro midi bus issue
Post by Breath on Nov 20th, 2023, 6:45pm
Hi Luke

You can see the Midi output of an application by using a Midi driver like MidiYoke (from theMidiOx website) or loopMidi which might be better for you in this case.
All loopMidi is is a software that creates Midi Cables to patch to applications and / or hardware.
But the output is Multiclient so you can connect to more than one software application or hardware Midi device.

So you connect things together by
Application (Reaper7) -> Midi out to a loopMidi port, let's say the first one 'loopMidi'  -> Into MidiOx by going to Options/Midi Devices... and adding loopMidi as an input port

also  ->   VEPRO Midi input =  loopMidi (with the data coming from Reaper 7)

Now you should be able to see the data Reaper is sending in the MidiOx Input Monitor window.
VEPRO should also be playing as normal.

Hope that helps

All the best

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