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(Message started by: peterrhf on Dec 17th, 2003, 4:07am)

Title: 50% CPU usage - MIDI York NT on HT-enabled Pen4
Post by peterrhf on Dec 17th, 2003, 4:07am
Dear Jamie,

Sorry for the duplicate posting, but it seems I posted the message on the wrong board, so I repost here the info as a bug (I don't think it is by design.) and would like to have some feedbacks on this issue.

MIDI York consume CPU power as high as 50% on Pentium4 with Hyper-threading on. My environment is Acid 4.0 + Cubase SX 2.01. With HT on, Cubase CPU perfomance meter rises up to 50% frequently with a constant interval.

With HT disabled, the problem seems to be gone. But I would assume that there is a very small looping thread consuming CPU power, which is worth reviewing. Would you please make a chance to review or re-compile your code, ready for HT. IMHO, I hope It would also contribute to less-CPU-consuming on CPU even without HT.  

Sorry if already discussed on any other thread.

Thank you,

Title: Re: 50% CPU usage - MIDI York NT on HT-enabled Pen
Post by Jamie OConnell on Dec 17th, 2003, 11:17am
I think this is more likely a mis-reporting of CPU usage.  Almost a certainty if it goes away when disabling hyper-threading. MIDI Yoke does create threads on behalf of clients opening them. Each client opening either end of a MIDI Yoke port has a thread created on its process.  These threads spend most of their life suspended, but wake up when messages arrive to marshall them through to the other side.  This is contrary to normal Windows drivers, but MIDI Yoke is not a normal driver (there is no kernel mode component).  

A re-compilation will make no difference: I suggest you try the Maple Drivers if you are concerned about this CPU usage report.  They have a real kernel mode driver component and fit better with the standard Windows model than MIDI Yoke.  Get them here: http://www.marblesound.com/Maple_driver.html

Title: Re: 50% CPU usage - MIDI York NT on HT-enabled Pen
Post by peterrhf on Dec 18th, 2003, 4:30am
Thanks for the info, but even though it has been created more recently than yours, I couldn't get it to work well in my environment. (Acid gets freezed.)

About HT - I also got some words on HT vs audio processing; HT even may give you a less performance on current audio softwares. There are more chances of it than to get a better performance, and I actually have seen no apparent performance improvement so far. So going to disable it soon.

MIDI York is the most stable one I have tried so far. I'll keep using it. I wish that you could have a chance to review your code to make it even more robust in the latest environment.

Thank you very much for the great util.

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