Bugs fixed for Release Candidate: 24-SEP-05

Summary: Scrolling (<, >, [f][Window] N)

Some operations that should not affect Scrolling (Appendix B) were broken:
fixed: SHOW {Not current base} should reset to Window 0 (opposite problem)
fixed: x > y, x < 0 ...
fixed: Clear REGS, PREFIX
fixed: DSZ
fixed: ISZ

fixed: g BST does not display PRGM
fixed: I got into a weird state where SST and BST gave Error 4 (GTO or GSB A with no prog)

fixed: Close Application should be the same as ON/OFF -- retain scroll

Reported bug:

1) I compared the checksum example on page 90-93 of the owners manual with the emulator and got different results. I did this:

- Factory Preset
- Load your provided chksum.16c program
- Initialize registers 1 through A to a 7 b 1 3 d a 2 d 6.
- GSB D (I get "6" which agrees with the manual.)
- x~y (I get "B" which disagrees with the manual's "1".)

I didn't check my real 16C, but assume it agrees with the manual.
>> Fixed: LBL XXX should be stack enabling, but wasn't.

Reported bug:

In Program mode with a program in memory so the current IP is shown in the calculator display, right-click on a different step in the Program window and select Move IP to Cursor. The calculator display stays on the old IP location instead of indicating the new IP location. (The IP did actually move, as can be seen with SST, BST.)
>> Fixed various problems with IP display and wrap.
Reported bug:

Defect (emulator version 2005-09-02): Sometimes adding a program step *overwrites* an existing step instead of being *inserted* after the IP. Do this -- Factory Settings, BSP (to clear Pr Error), P/R, 1, 2, 3 (so you have a program of 3 steps), open the Program window, left-click on step 2 to highlight it, right-click on step 2 and Move IP to Cursor, BSP (to delete step 2 -- so far so good, step 1 ("1") and 2 ("3") remain, and IP appears to be on step 1), 8. The new step ("8") correctly becomes step 2, but step 3 ("3") is gone.


Summary: Overflow (G) Flag set incorrectly...

Status: 0-04-0000

t: A h
z: A h
y: A h
x: C h

[+] => 6 GC
[+] => 0 GC -> Emu => 0 C
[+] => A
[+] => 4 GC
[+] => E
[+] => 8 GC -> Emu => 8 C
[+] => 2 GC
[+] => C

>> Fixed

Summary: Index [I] Register display incorrect:

Although the [I] register is always 68 bits, retrieving it only should only show the bits according to current word size. Seems intermittent:f [I] gives different from [RCL] I.



Page 36:

Set Compl 1's

Status: 1-08-0000

2 : display : 2
5 : display : 25
4  : display : -001 Emu: cannot enter '4'

Similar problem with 2's?

>> Fixed
Summary: Keyboard mapping

ENTER Key: need to differentiate between NumPad Enter and Main Enter

>> Fixed.


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