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The HP16C Emulator is a software simulation of the original HP-16C Computer Scientist calculator, made by Hewlett-Packard during the 80's, but now discontinued.  Note that this site, the software and the author have no connection whatsoever with Hewlett Packard. 
28-APR-2021: The emulator is now being distributed as Donationware. Please help out if you can.

29-NOV-09: Version 2.1 of the HP16C Emulator has been released!  This is a free upgrade for all owners of Version 2.0. If you purchased the HP16C Emulator and did not receive instructions about obtaining version 2.1 please contact support AT hp16c DOT net (remove spaces and replace with '@' and '.').
06-APR-08: Version 2.0 of the HP16C Emulator has been released.  This is a free upgrade for all owners of Version 1.4. If you purchased Version 1.4 and did not receive instructions about obtaining version 2.0 (because your email changed or you have over-exuberant spam filters, or whatever...) please contact support AT hp16c DOT net (remove spaces and replace with '@' and '.').



The HP-16C Computer Scientist Calculator was released in 1982.  I bought one new, in 1983 and was very impressed by it's function and elegance.  This was despite the fact that the device only contained 203 bytes(!) of memory to house both storage registers and programs.  In the fall of 2000 I set out to see if I could accurately create an emulation of the HP-16C in software.   Although the project got temporarily shelved a few times, I have finally finished an emulator which approaches the original goal.

This calculator is ideal for programmers, engineers and scientists.  Unfortunately, this model was discontinued many years ago, but is now available again in software form.  This software version has the added advantage of supplying auxiliary views:  A scrollable program view that allows viewing all or most of a program in on the screen at once, as well as the ability to watch the operation of a running program; A Stack view that shows the entire state of the stack, Status and Memory usage at once; A scrollable register view that shows the contents of all the storage registers.



  The HP16C Emulator will operate under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8.x and Win 10
  This calculator uses Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), an operating logic that involves the use of the ENTER key.  This eliminates the need for parentheses in calculations, instead operations are performed using a memory stack.


  Integer Modes
  Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal, and Binary arithmetic; number base conversion; bit manipulations; logical operations; adjustable word size. Operations: , , +, -, Shift Left, Shift Right, Left Justify, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Mask Left, Mask Right, Remainder, OR, AND, NOT, XOR, Double Remainder, Double Divide, Double Multiply and more...


  Floating Point Mode
  Extensive floating point calculations, plus Square Root and Reciprocal.
  Programming can be done in both modes.  The emulators continuous memory retains data and program instructions until reset.  There is an Index Register which can be used for loop counts, and logical tests that can be used for conditional execution.


  Completely configurable computer keyboard mapping.
  Save and Load Programs as either binary or text.
  Save and Load complete internal calculator state.
  Auxiliary views: Evaluation Stack, Register View, Program View
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