The John Wardwell Blues Band

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This band existed during the 70's and early 80's. It was based in Henniker NH, and played Chicago style Blues. 

I was fortunate enough to have played bass with the band from 1975 to 1982.  We mostly played up and down the eastern seaboard between Maine and D.C.


John Wardwell Harmonica
Jamie Duncan Vocals, Guitar
Peter Kiebala Lead Guitar
Jamie O'Connell Bass
Steve Robinson Drums



We headlined the New Hampshire Folk Festival (at Pat's Peak) several years, and a cable station out of Concord, NH used to tape it.  I was able to transfer and compress some songs from the video tape, and I am posting them here.  I have limited space on this server, so maybe I'll rotate in some different songs over time.

You will likely need MS Media Player to play this video: it's free -- follow the link below.  If you have trouble streaming the videos: right-click the video and choose "Save Target As...".

Nineteen Years Old  Added NOV 02 [15MB]
I Got My Mojo Working Added NOV 02 [12.5MB]
Band Interview Added DEC 18 [12.5MB]
Your Funeral, My Trial Added APR 22, 2003 [8.6MB]
All By Myself Added JAN 21, 2007 [12.5MB]
Shake, Rattle and Roll Added JAN 21, 2007 [14MB]

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John Wardwell

Jamie Duncan

Peter Kiebala

Jamie O'Connell

Steve Robinson

David Johnston DAVID JOHNSTON: david johnston
"incorporates elements of swamp/delta blues, memphis soul, reggae, raga, psychedelic and melodic rock into a strong personal statement on this debut release".

  read more and hear it





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