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Need MIDI-OX Help


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« on: Feb 11th, 2017, 6:15am »
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Can somebody please please please explain how I can update my TC-HELICON VOICELIVE PLAY firmware on a console that has had an incorrect firmware installed into it (partial instal I think). Is there anyway to format the installed code on my VOICELIVE PLAY and install a fresh correct firmware. MIDI-OX still detects the machine as VOICELIVE and it will go into boot mode with all the flashing problem is the transfer of the correct firmware into my device gets to a certain point and just goes into a continuous loop and never finishes. Please any help would be great.
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« Reply #1 on: Feb 11th, 2017, 11:55pm »
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You might like to slow down the transfer.
I presume you are using MidiOx to do the transfer with System Exclusive (sysex) Midi messages.
Go to View / Sysex.. and on the new dialog select Sysex / Configure..
Although it won't change the speed of the sysex delivery, I would make the Low Level buffers  
Size = 256 bytes and Num=256 for both input and output.
Set the Delay between buffers to 100MilliSeconds and set the Delay After F7 to 300 MilliSec (don't forget to check the box for this on the start of the line.
Press OK and try again.
You could try reducing the buffer size to 128 so your computer spits it out slower.
Bizarrely, the buffers could be too small and you could try 1024.
If it fails again, download the file again just in case you current one is corrupted, and try again.
A 'bricked' device is a very frustrating pain.
If it still fails after that you might have to contact the manufacturer for a solution.  
Perhaps they can reflash it for you.
Best of luck
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