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Version 2.6
DRAFT: 07-15-03


MMGIF is a Multimedia GIF Player. The GIF file specification has been enhanced to add MIDI and Digital Sound Files in an application extension. MMGIF will perform these enhanced GIF files.

The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of CompuServe Incorporated. GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of CompuServe Incorporated.


MMGIF is now distributed within a Windows self-extracting archive. Installation is usually automatic. If you need to perform a manual installation, for some reason, unzip the files from the MMGIFX.EXE to a temporary directory. Then choose the Program manager menu: File/Run... and enter the directory or Diskette containing the installation files followed by"setup".




MMGIF requires the availability of a Windows MIDI driver. It uses the supplied MIDI Library engine to perform timing of images and sounds. For best results you should also have a Windows sound card installed.

If you don't have a Sound card or MIDI interface, you might be able to use the enclosed MIDI Yoke driver instead. For this to work, the Windows multimedia extensions must have been installed when you installed Windows. To install MIDI Yoke, see the MIDIYOKE.TXT file included in this package.


MMGIF now supports command line launching of .MGL Play List files as well as .MMG multimedia GIF files. The syntax is as follows:

MMGIF [/play] c:\dirspec\playlist.mgl

If the /play parameter is supplied, full screen playback begins immediately after play list load. The format of the play list is just an ascii text file containing one mmgif pathname per line. They can be created using the MMGIF Play List dialog box or any text editor. Example:


Creating MMGIF files

Enclosed is a DOS program: EMBED.EXE; it is installed in the MMGIF directory (C:\MM-GIF by default). Using this utility and a script file, you can assemble your own MMGIF files. See the attached Windows Help file EMBED.HLP (installed along with MMGIF) for a tutorial of how a script is configured. If you've ever messed with Windows .INI files, it should look familiar.

Be sure to also check out the MMGIF WorkBench (Freeware: CIS SSFORUM, LIB 10, MMGWBZ.EXE), if you want a fast, easy, Windows program to help you create multimedia GIF files.


I'd like to thank the following people for donating the sample Multimedia GIF files included in this release:

MMGDEM2.MMG Doug Brown
TFC-006A.MMG Ron Ray, Larry Roberts
TORBEN.MMG Jerry Jorgenrud, Jim Lynch

I'd also like to thank the entire Sight & Sound Work group for all their help in beta testing, and support for MMGIF.


MMGIF and EMBED are supported solely within the Sight And Sound Forum on CIS (GO SSFORUM). MMGIF may be distributed, provided only a nominal fee (typically to cover packaging costs) is charged for distribution. As such, it may be distributed with other software. It may also be distributed as part of a commercial software package as long as no fees are charged for the MMGIF and related files portion of the package. We'd appreciate a gratis copy of any commercial package that includes MMGIF.


Let me know if you have questions, find problems, or suggestions. I plan to support the MMGIF product from the CIS Sight and Sound Forum (GO SSFORUM) on CompuServe.

You can reach me at:

Jamie O'Connell


MMGIF is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose.

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