The MMGIF Project




MMGIF and MMGIF WorkBench now support JPG images and embedding of JPG inside multimedia GIF files.


What are these things?

MMGIF is a multimedia GIF player. The GIF file specification has been enhanced to add MIDI and digital sound files in a GIF89a application extension block. MMGIF will perform these enhanced GIF files.
The MMGIF player is freeware. There are very few restrictions on its use or distribution. It requires the availability of a MPC capable soundcard (MIDI and Wave), and SVGA graphics (256 colors). If you have any trouble, there is an MMGIF FAQ Page here to answer questions. Currently, the multimedia GIF concept has only been implemented on Intel architecture (PC's) using MS Windows. It's our hope that someone will create player/viewers for other platforms. There is a text document here specifying the GIF application extensions we defined in order to implement the project.
The best way to understand what these things are is by seeing and hearing them. I'm making the software available here. In addition, there's a freeware authoring tool, MMGIF WorkBench, available for download. It contains a tutorial example with materials. A freeware Screen Saver, SSMMGIF allows you use any collection of MMGIF and/or GIF files as a Windows screen saver. We also have some example MMGIF data files available for you to look at and listen to.


The Software


Windows Multimedia GIF Player/Viewer.
Version 3.0 [01-01-99]
File Size 687K bytes
License Freeware


Windows Multimedia GIF Creator Application.
Version 1.51 [01-01-99]
File Size 1059K bytes
License Freeware


Windows Multimedia GIF Screen Saver.
Version 1.51 [01-01-99]
File Size 244K bytes
License Freeware

The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of CompuServe Incorporated. GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of CompuServe Incorporated.

Copyright 1995-2000 by Jamie O'Connell. All rights reserved.
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